The book The Laurisilva. Canaries, Madeira and Azores is the result of more than two decades of investigation by a research group belonging to the Universities of La Laguna, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madeira, Azores and Pablo de Olavide from Seville, led by the Ecology Professor at La Laguna University, José María Fernández-Palacios. It contains 415 pages, more than 200 colored photos, maps, graphs, tables, tree species specifications and their identification key. The original book layout was done by the designer Claudia Druy. The aim of this book is to help to cover the clamorous vacuum that has traditionally existed in reference to the outreach of the more important ecosystem hoard by the Atlantic Islands.

Contents: The Macaronesian Islands, History of the Laurisilva of Macaronesia, Laurisilva around the world, Macaronesian laurisilva, The sea of clouds, The forest flora, The forest fauna, Forest regeneration, Forest dynamics, Human impact and Conservation.

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