José María Fernández-Palacios is Ecology Professor of the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, the Canaries) since 2011 and leader of the Island Ecology and Biogeography Research Group of the same University for two decades. He has been principal investigator of ten competitive research projects, supervisor of ten doctoral thesis and author of more than 250 scientific articles, 130 of them in impact factor juornals. He is author or coauthor of twelve books related with the Canarian Ecology in particular or Island Ecology in general, among them Island Biogeography. Ecology, evolution and conservation published by Oxford University Press, a world reference in the field.

Other members of the La Laguna University research group that coauthored this book include José Ramón Arévalo (Associate Professor in Ecology), Lea de Nascimento (Ecology Lecturer), Rudiger Otto, (postdoc researcher), Silvia Fernández-Lugo (postdoc researcher), Javier Méndez (postdoc researcher) and Eduardo Balguerías (PhD student).

Other coauthors of the book are Miguel Menezes de Sequeira (Botany Professor at Madeira University), Rui Bento Elias (Ecology Associate Professor at Azores University), Agustín Naranjo Cigala (Geography Lecturer at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University), Juan Domingo Delgado (Ecology Associate Professor at Pablo de Olavide University), and Rubén Barone (naturalist, expert in Macaronesian islands).